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    William H. Walker journal, 1852 August-1853 November
    Call Number:
    MS 16795
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    William H. Walker journal
    Account of Walker's experiences as one of the first three missionaries to South Africa. Entries record overland travel from Utah to New York; ocean voyage to England and then to South Africa; and missionary labors in Cape Province, particularly in Cape Town, Mowbray, Wyneberg, and Newland. Journal includes account of Walker's visit with Emma Smith, Lucy Mack Smith, and other Smith family members; his feelings about Nauvoo, Illinois; visit with John M. Bernhisel in Washington, D.C.; and brief missionary activities in the British Mission (England and Wales). There are references to missionary companions Jesse Haven and Leonard I. Smith and convert Nicholas Paul. Journal entries describe formal church organization in South Africa, including organization of local branches, particularly at Mowbray. Entries also include accounts of healings and calming of violent weather conditions.
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