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    Daughters of Utah Pioneers collection, 1828-1963
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    MS 8795
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    Daughters of Utah Pioneers collection, 1828-1963

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    Collection includes journals, letters, financial records, and other papers that document the Mormon experience, including not only emigration and life in Utah, but also events in Ohio, Missouri, and Nauvoo, Illinois, as well as world-wide missionary activities, particularly in England, Denmark, Netherlands, India, and Hawaii. There are also a large number of property deeds, church and civic certificates, and commissions in the Utah territorial militia (Nauvoo Legion).

    Includes letters of Church leaders Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Vinson Knight, and Edward Hunter. There are also a few Nauvoo property deeds involving Joseph Smith, and an 1839 letter from the Quincy Committee.

    The collection includes journals of Truman O. Angell, Albert Carrington, John T. Caine, and Horace S. Eldredge.

    Also includes journals and autobiographies for the following: Reddick N. Allred, Reddin A. Allred, George Edward Anderson, J. Stanley Anderson, Nephi J. Bates, Sidney Beckstead, Kelsey W. Bird, Ariah C. Brower, William Butler, Henry L. Bywater, David Candland, Benjamin T. Clark, John Crook, James W. Cummings, Theodore Dedrickson, Wilson H. Dusenberry, Carl J. Edler, Esais Edwards, William M. Egan, Richard E. Egan, Alma Eldredge, Martin L. Ensign, John B. Fairbanks, Isaac N. Hill, Abraham Hunsaker, Gilbert Hunt, James F. Iverson, Soren Iversen, Newel W. Kimball, William H. Kimball, Thomas O. King, George Laub, Abraham Maw, Matthew McCune, James Mellor, Lars Nielson, Frank L. Noel, Nils Olson, Joseph A. Peck, Leonard G. Rice, Henry W. Sanderson, Francis Sharp, Enoch B. Tripp, Joseph Weiler, and Bushrod W. Wilson.

    Others represented by certificates or papers include Almon W. Babbitt, David O. Calder, Albert Gregory, A. Milton Musser, Albert P. Rockwood, Andrew L. Siler, Joseph Toronto, Daniel H. Wells, and Jeremiah Willey.

    A number of women are represented in the collection, including Eliza R. Snow, Emmeline B. Wells, Aurelia S. Rogers, Mercy F. Thompson, Hannah Tapfield King, Josephine Streeper Chase, Harriet Coray Dusenberry, Barbara Ann Evans, Jane C. Johnson, Sarah P. Jolley, Mary S. Maudsley, Mary E. Noel, Fanny P. Taggart, and Ida F. Tietjen. There are also a number of scrapbooks of various local companies of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

    Businesses represented in the collection include Livingston & Kinkead, Salt Lake Theatre, Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution, Salt Lake Silk Factory, Beaver Cooperative Woolley Factory, and People's Cooperative Institution.

    The collection also contains a minutebook for the Seventh Quorum of Seventies, record book for the Nebo Stake Primary, and account books of Isaiah M. Coombs, James S. Holman, Heber John Richards, William F. Fisher, and Samuel Williams.



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