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    Sheridan T. Gashler papers, 1998-2001
    Call Number:
    MS 19657
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    Sheridan T. Gashler papers, 1998-2001


    Journal, handbook, speeches, articles, reports, correspondence, statistics, agendas, newsletters, and calendars containing account of Gashler's experiences as president of Russia Samara Mission, 1998-2001.

    Journal includes information about Gashler's experiences as bishop of Marshfield Ward, Wausau Wisconsin Stake, prior to his call to serve as mission president (January-February 1998); day the Church obtained legal recognition in Russia (15 May 1998); crime and persecution experienced by missionaries; Gashler's travels to villages outside of Samara in attempt to locate group of people who called themselves "Mormons" and claimed they were descendants of people who joined Church before Soviet Union was formed (10-12 June and 8 July 1998); mission's troubles with Russian tax authorities and KGB regarding financial matters; attempt to register Church in Kazan (15 August 1998); trial of kidnapers who abducted missionaries Probst and Tuttle (August 1998); city and oblast of Orenburg being opened for missionary work (21 September-1 October 1998) and subsequent problems keeping missionaries in Orenburg (16 October 1998 and several other entries); registration of Church in Kazan (13 January 1999) and subsequent problems keeping missionaries in Kazan (16-17 and 23 February 1999); expulsion of Samara Avrory Branch from meeting facility (24 March 1999); Russian government moratorium on missionary visas (27 May 1999 and several subsequent entries); completion of new mission home and office (12 June 1999); persecution of local Latter-day Saints by KGB in Orenburg (15 July 1999); registration of Church in Samara (19 November 1999); beginning of missionary work in Ulyanovsk (13 July 2000); and open house and dedication of new Engels Branch building by Elder Wayne M. Hancock, Europe East Area President (8-11 December 2000).

    Papers also consist of material Gashler used for talks and presentations, and several copies of his talks given at zone and district conferences; letters from mothers of missionaries responding to question, "What kind of missionary do you think your son/daughter is?"; statistics concerning convert baptisms by month (July 1993 to December 2000); and mission newsletters.



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